What Are Conservas?

What Are Conservas?

Conservas are preserved, freshly caught seafood. The delicious seafood is caught and immediately prepared to be perfectly preserved and sealed in tins. This process of preservation captures the delicious flavors of the seafood at their peak freshness. Conservas are a fantastic way to enjoy the taste of fresh seafood in and out of season, which is an amazing advantage to use in your dishes any time of the year.

Hand packing sardines

Why tinned seafood?

Tinned seafood is a Spanish delicacy. The process of preserving the catch of the day has been around for many years, but the key is to use ingredients and methods that will heighten the quality of the flavor while still allowing for a long shelf-life. Our tinned seafood is different than your average canned tuna or sardines. Our seafood is hand-packed in Galicia, Spain and our products are preserved in luxurious olive oil, sauces, and more to allow the incredible fresh flavors of the sea to shine through.

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