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Sardines in Olive Oil

Sardines in Olive Oil

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These delicious gourmet sardines in olive oil are tender and flavorful, and they are guaranteed to elevate any dish! They are wild-caught in the Eastern Atlantic Sea and hand-packed in Galicia, Spain. These will add a delightful flavor to sandwiches, salads, or tapas. These sardines are not only delicious but are also a good source of protein and have Omega-3 fatty acids. 

Sourcing Information

Wild caught in the Eastern Atlantic Sea


Sardines, olive oil, and sea salt. Contains: FISH.

Flavor Profile

Bold, flavorful sardines with a rich texture and a touch of salt.

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10 Minute Sardine Salad

Craving a refreshing and savory snack? This 10-minute sardine salad is filling and simple to make! Eat it with crackers, put it in a sandwich, or eat it all by itself. We personally love putting it on crackers to share with others.


Customer Reviews

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T. Mathews
honest review

I’ve been on the lookout for something that fits with my always-on-the-move lifestyle without breaking the bank, and your sardines have been a real find. Whether it’s a quick snack after a workout or an added protein to my salads, they've been perfect. It’s great to have an option that’s not only affordable but also super versatile. You’ve made staying active and eating well a lot easier for me. So, yeah, big thanks for being a part of my daily routine. You guys are doing it right!

Smells so good!

First thing I noticed is how good they smelled when I opened the can! 10/10 recommend using these sardines in substitution for anchovies in Caesar dressing. Much lighter flavor for those who do not like traditional anchovies in Caesar dressing!